Learning Beyond Books...

Learning through nature and through nurture: the dedicated Nature Areas at the North Campus for the Pre Primary (Playgroup, Pre-nursery, Nursery and Kindergarten) and Elementary Section (Grades I & II) have been phenomenal in bringing children closer to nature.

It is creating a big difference in their appreciation and hence, love for nature. Students are immersed in hands-on experiential learning and inspiration through the elements of nature; from sun and sand to wood and water.

Physical Fitness and Sports

The emphasis on sports and fitness channels the learners’ energies towards healthy competition and teamwork – all based on strong fundamentals of focus, discipline and skills. This helps develop a positive attitude towards failures – as well as successes.

Beyond the many inter-school sports competitions and achievements, the highlights every year are often the Annual Sports & olympiads, which bring together students, teachers, parents and guests in a display of mastery over skills, and strong values that have come to define Generation’s School.

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Debates and Drama

The specially designed Auditoriums and Audio-Visual Centres foster a truly inspirational learning culture that we believe is necessary for rich and dynamic learning experiences…

Auditoriums and AV Facilities, where ideas, poetry, documentaries and characters come to life through performances, screenings, debates & drama…

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