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The past three decades have been a constant learning curve for us all at Generation’s…

Pakistan has been blessed with immense potential and unending opportunities, not least with the vibrant and diverse youth of our Country…

Our struggle is to play our part in developing our youth’s intellectual capacity – to achieve greatness and sucess – in every aspect, insha’allah!

Dr. Ghazala Siddiqui
Founding Principal

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A Levels Results Celebrations
Sep 15, 2021

A Levels Results Celebrations

Despite the challenging times, it was heartwarming to see Generians receive excellent results in their CAIE 2021 Examinations. We’ll be celebrating the hard work of all A Level students and their teachers on-campus, Friday 17 September, insha’allah. What if Covid …

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You’re Invited! Generation’s Virtual Open House
Jun 17, 2021

You’re Invited! Generation’s Virtual Open House

Discover Generation’s. We welcome aspiring families to join us on the evening of Saturday 3 July at the Generation’s Virtual Open House at 5:00 pm to peek inside the Life at School. We’ll be talking about Life at School and …

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Online Teaching & Learning Resumes Mon 07 Jun, insha’allah
Jun 03, 2021

Online Teaching & Learning Resumes Mon 07 Jun, insha’allah

As previously communicated on May 24, classes were scheduled to commence on-campus after the summer vacation. However, in view of the current health situation, the school will not be able to resume on-campus classes for now. Accordingly, the students will …

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Admissions 2021

Playgroup to O & A Level admissions in Karachi


Playgroup to O & A Level admissions in Karachi


Playgroup to O & A Level admissions in Karachi

Submission and Assessment

Playgroup to O & A Level admissions in Karachi


Get started! Fill out the online registration form. Our team will get in touch with you.

Print and complete the admission application form, and arrange the required documents.

Submit the form on campus; your child will take the admission assessment on the same day, insha’allah.

Applicant & parents attend a discussion meeting with the Headmistress and Director Admissions.

“The sky is the limit for Iqbal, Jinnah and Syed!”
Photo credits
Abdullah Shahood – Generation’s Class of 2021

Why Generation’s

“Wings. With Roots.”

Let’s inspire our children with the values, attitudes and attributes,
for them to be confident with their sense of purpose and identity;

and let’s equip them with the knowledge, skills and aspirations
for them to transform themselves and the society,
to successfully meet the challenges of their generation, and beyond.