Why Generation’s

“Wings. With Roots.”

Let’s inspire our children with the values, attitudes and attributes,
for them to be confident with their sense of purpose and identity;

and let’s equip them with the knowledge, skills and aspirations
for them to transform themselves and the society,
to successfully meet the challenges of their generation, and beyond.


“A Thinking Institution.
For Global Leaders.”

A thinking institution that purposefully
re-defines education and consistently transforms
the lives of individuals and communities,
through learning, compassion and innovation.

Generation’s happens. To the World.

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“Let’s. Strive. Success.”

To create and sustain an inspirational ecosystem,
where each learner undertakes unparalleled educational journeys
that are intellectually, personally and socially transformative

as they realize their God-gifted potentials
towards serving and success.

School Objectives

Quality Education

Academic Excellence

based on


leading to

Leadership Qualities