Generation’s School was established in the year 1990 with a clear vision: a strong seat of learning, providing fertile ground for growth, ideas, innovation, and invention. The objective has been to provide value-based Quality Education that is holistic and well-rounded – striving towards not just academic excellence, but a deep emphasis on character building and leadership development. Alhamdulillah, with this strong philosophy, the School has grown tremendously over the years – in expanse as well as impact.

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Message from the Founder & Principal

Dr Ghazala Siddiqui retells the purpose of the establishment of Generation’s School and the effort the school has made over the years to provide Quality Education based on Values leading to Leadership Qualities. 

Experience Generation’s Take a Virtual Tour of the North Campus

The North Campus is a dream campus for the younger ones of Playgroup to Grade II.

The specially designed campus fosters a truly inspirational learning culture that we believe is necessary for rich and dynamic learning experiences…

Starter Section

The Little Ones spend their day exploring, playing and having fun learning at the North Campus. The North Campus is a dream campus for students of the Pre-Primary and Elementary Sections (Playgroup to Grade II). Generian Muhammad Hassan of Grade I and Uswah Batool of Grade II share what’s it like at School.

Junior Section

We prize our reading culture and make extensive preparation for reading programmes to immerse students in quality reading time. The impact is observable in our students’ confidence and wide range of vocabulary. Coupled with the highly productive impact of the world-renowned Leader in Me whole-school transformational process, our students sharpen the Saw and cultivate a proactive attitude and approach to learning and beyond.

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Education Technologies

Equipped with the state-of-the-art Robotics, Design & Technology and Idea Labs, Generation’s Education Technologies department – or more fondly “our EdTech team” are enthusiastic and energetic about all ideas innovative and inventive!

Middle Section

The 14 Clubs of the Middle Section, home to Grades VII, VIII & IX, help Generians actively participate in cross-curricular activities and academics. These activities give students the much-needed opportunities to exercise their critical thinking, leadership thinking and creativity.

Senior Section

Despite the uncertainty and chaos, the Senior Section remained focused on finding innovative ways to ensure the teaching and learning does not stop! With the high stakes of Cambridge Exams and applying to local and foreign universities, Generians were persistent in their approaches and followed through with their action plans.

Generation's University

GenU is the research and development department for teaching and learning, professional development and curriculum progression across the school. We believe that professional development is the heart of Quality Education, and structured programmes of learning for teachers results in positive change in student attainment.

Experience Generation’s Take a Virtual Tour of the South Campus

Hop on board for a virtual tour of Generation’s School South Campus by Generian Dua Subzwari of A2.

100% Vaccinated GenDrive at Generation’s South Campus

We collaborated with the Sindh Government and the Town Health Office to hold the 100% Vaccinated Gen Drive at the South Campus. Staff, students their families and members of the community were able to get vaccinated that day. Watch how we managed the activity.

Message from Director Generation's School

Our struggle is to play our part in developing our youth’s intellectual, social and spiritual capacity – to achieve greatness and success – in every aspect, insha’allah!

Wings. With Roots.