Naya Taaza

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Coming Up - Announcements & Events

  • 02 May
    CIE Exams Begin All Day

    Pray . Eat . Study . Generians take their CIEs. All the best, always!

  • 05 May
    Math Exhibition in Middle Section All Day

    Math Galore! The Middle Section will organize & display math exhibition. Generians, do visit the stalls and play the interesting yet mind-boggling games!!!

  • 05 May
    Reading Eve - Class I 12:00 AM to 12:00 AM

    Parents and children simply look forward to the annual Reading Eve. Class I's will put up sweet performances as their parents and teachers encourage their brilliant talents.

  • 09 May
    Gen Theater - Junior Section-VI All Day

    Class VI of the Junior Section delve into literary activities to showcase best performances on stage - The Gen Theatre!

  • 12 May
    DAWN Update Quiz - Middle Section All Day

    The Dawn Update Quiz returns. The Middle Section participate to carve a winning niche for themselves!

  • 13 May
    Rubrics - Gen U 08:30 AM to 12:30 PM

  • 18 May
    Achievement Day & Get-together All Day

    Junior, Middle and Senior Sections celebrate their academic session's milestones and achievements and share goodly, delicious, homemade food with friends and teachers.

  • 20 May
    Staff Dinner at the South Campus All Day

    The School invites the staff to the annual dinner honouring them for their persistence and hard work all through the academic year.

  • 22 May
    PTM - Juniors & Middle Sections 12:00 AM to 12:00 AM

The Day in Pictures

Stay healthy - Start Early! Nursery Generians were seen preparing wholesome vegetable salads.

Gen Casts

Inspiration of the Day

Hadith on Supplication

“Call upon Allah with certainty that he will answer you. Know that Allah will not answer the supplication of a heart that is heedless and careless.”

Source: Sunan At-Tirmidhi 3479