Generation's Family Eve and Open House

What to Expect at the Open House

It is important to understand what a school does and why.

  • What is their definition of teaching and learning?

  • How do they know they have accomplished a fairly good job at it?

  • What aspects of the school are core strengths and where are they continuously improving?

The Open House offers parents the opportunity to look inside a school culture. This school culture communicates the school’s beliefs, attitude, and philosophy of teaching and learning.

As you walk through the hallways and classrooms, you get to feel the school culture that breathes life into the learning spaces and playgrounds. You can see the safety and security measures for students and staff. You can understand the curricular activities and how they engage the students in active learning.

Generation’s School invites you to the Open House on Sunday, February 11 at the South Campus from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

Come experience the vibrant and exciting life at school. Feel free to bring family and friends along.


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