An Inspiring Talk by Ustad Wajih Uddin - Being Yourself is Better.

Ustad Wajih Uddin delivered an inspiring talk to the Senior Section students (Grades X, XI, A1 & A2) in a session titled ‘Self Image’ on Monday, August 21, 2017. He spoke about the current trends in various aspects in life - the society, our friends’ circles, and the social media - and the effects they have on our personalities, habits, and attitudes. More often than not, the raging trends force us to portray ourselves in certain ways because we want to earn acceptance among peers. However, he said, the actions that would make us "popular" or "cool" could lead to low self-esteem in others who do not "go with the flow".

His discussions were encouraging positive thoughts among students to accept their uniqueness and individuality. During his presentation, he chose simple words, stories, and imagery that the young students are familiar with, making his session engaging and impactful. He concluded with a very strong message, “If the way you feel about yourself comes from other than your relationship with your Creator, then you are in trouble.” Our focus should be on being the best version of ourselves and not the best version of how others want to see us.

We are thankful for such enlightening sessions, which serve as a moral compass and help us re-align and re-direct ourselves to our true purpose. We are very thankful to Ustad Wajih Uddin to have visited Generation’s School

Ustad Wajih Uddin is a motivational speaker, a student of knowledge and a life coach who is currently serving as a mentor at Youth Club Karachi. He has worked with channels such as Aks tv as well as Geo Tez. With shows such as 'Cafe Muslim' 'Youth Dialogue' 'Divine Miracle and 'Is Waqt ki Dua'. He has a Masters in Islamic Studies as well as Masters in Human Resource Management from well-reputed business college in Pakistan. Follow him on Facebook

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