Naya Taaza

International Kangaroo Linguistic Contest (IKLC) 2016

Contests such as the IKLC provide a common platform for measuring competence for a better appraisal of the skills acquired. The IKLC claims to promote a good communication culture for the common benefit, and the contests enable students to review and compare their language competencies across a number of countries. 59 enthusiastic Generians participated in the ILKC 2016. Three students from each level of the Middle Section (Classes VII, VIII & IX) won bronze medals and rest received participation certificate…

Midterm PTM for Starters

  Assalamu alaikum,   The Midterm PTM for Starters is scheduled for Friday, March 3 and Saturday, March 4. Parents and teachers will be discussing the progress of the child with an emphasis on reporting for learning. Special learning zones have been organized for hands-on activities aligned with the curriculum. Parents are requested to attend, according to the schedule given, and visit the activity areas with their child[ren].   Kind regards,   Starter Section

The All Karachi Interschool Declamation Contest

Generian Umme Salma Shabbar and Javeria Faraz from Class IX participated in the All Karachi Interschool Declamation Contest organized by Beaconhouse School System, P.EC.H.S. The contest required delivering humorous and serious speeches.Umme Salma of IX-S spoke on Trying is better than crying, lending the serious topic profound meaning and effect. Javeria Faraz of IX-S spoke on Life without Google, giving a lighthearted and entertaining feel to the humorous topic. From among the 30 participants from 10 other schools, Javeria Faraz’s talk…

Generians carved a niche in the English Essay Writing Competition!

Generians carved a niche in the English Essay Writing Competition organized by Baitussalam held at The Intellect School. Class XI’s Hamza Sohail, Hassan Ebrahim and Fouzan Akhtar penned inspiring thoughts on the students' responsibilities for their Beloved Country. Hassan Ebrahim secured the 2nd place and Hamza Sohail secured the 1st place in the competition. That’s a spectacular achievement, Generians! Well Done!  

Engineering Success through Determination

   Cambridge International Examinations has announced the winners of the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards, Sindh & Balochistan, Pakistan. Generians have once more set higher standards of academic achievement in the June 2016 examinations. Ever since the first batch in 2001, Generation’s School’s students have been winning world acclaim in the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards, each year! Alhamdulillah!   Generation’s School’s Achievements: Generation’s School’s students received five awards in the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards 2016 in the report published February 2017.…