Naya Taaza

SIUT and the Week of Hundred

Children of the Starter section collected hundreds of biscuits in the "Week of Hundred" for the Paeds ward SIUT. These pictures have been forwarded to us by SIUT.

Cross Generation’s Race

As the crowd gathered around 1 pm, near the bleachers - waiting for yet another thrilling and sensational event of the year. The most awaited and enjoyable even – THE CROSS GENERATION'S RACE! There was no time to blink a second for the fear something might be missed out.  Cross Generation's race was the race of the year. “SYED SYED JINNAH JINNAH ISAAD IJHAD IQBALLL…” One could only hear the cheers and roar of the students calling out very loudly…

Art Competition Announcement

Announcement for children art contests: 1. CHILDRENS POSTER CONTEST AT JAPAN FEAST 2014 For classes VII-A LEVELS Topic of the children’s poster contest is “Pakistan-Japan: Building Friendship for Better World” Submission deadline: 15th Feb 2014 2. THE LITTLE ART Details are on: 3. PAKISTAN COMPETITION AUTHORITY Theme for art contest: “Beauty of Our Country” For classes: III-IV Submission deadline: 28th Feb 2014 Details are on: 4. FOUNDATION FOR DRUG-FREE WORLD AND PEOPLE FOR THE ETHICAL TREATMENT OF ANIMALS For age: 6-18 years…

Dolphin Show

Maritime Museum is hosting the Dolphin show. The school has decided to avail this wonderful opportunity for our students, on Thursday, January 23, 2014, during school hours. The main objective of this trip is to enhance our student’s appreciation of Allah’s creations and their knowledge of the ecosystem.

Middle Section’s Annual Sports

Alhumdulillah, this year the Middle section is proud to host their first ever Annual Atheletic Sports 2014. Generation’s school has always held punctuality as a priority; following our tradition, we would request you to ensure timely arrival of your child, at 7:20 am on Saturday 8th February 2014. It is important they follow it for an organized event ahead.