Naya Taaza

Learning beyond the Classroom

Learning beyond the Classroom There is nothing better than spending some quality time with our friends. Generians look forward to ‘learning and fun’ with their friends and teachers on school field trips. Learning is a happy activity. And we keep designing it in different ways for the kids to enjoy learning. ‘Not all classrooms have four walls’ said a wise someone once, and nothing could be truer. Field trips are extensions to learning and fun – and we’re happy about…

GenFlash - Sharing the Good - December 2017 Issue

The GenFlash chronicles the learning and life at school - each month. Here's the December issue for you to relive the moments! Each month the issue is shared with parents through WhatsApp. Do go through the colourful pages to see how the students are learning and growing at their happy place to learn. Enjoy!                              

You are invited!

Dear Parents, Assalamu alaikum, You are invited to the Generation’s Family Eve and Open House at the South Campus on Sunday, February 11 between 4:00 and 7:00 pm. The circular is available for download. Please keep following the Facebook page for updates. Looking forward to welcoming you! Kind regards, School Administration

Student Exhibits at Generation's Family Eve & Open House

Student Exhibits Student Exhibits A key highlight of the Generation’s Family Eve and Open House will be the Student Exhibits. Given the many projects and cross-curricular activities at school, our students have been making models, prototypes, and diagrams, to creatively visualize the concepts they’ve learnt.   Student-made exhibits provide great insights into the extent of their interest and engagement in the learning content. The exhibits show how the students made connections through experience to actively use the knowledge and skills…

Grade II's Breakfast at School

Breakfast at School is an annual event and parents join their children at school to enjoy homemade breakfast items. Every family is very happy and eagerly looks forward to the event.     Parents of Grade II are invited to Grade II’s Breakfast at School, tomorrow, Saturday, February 3 at the South Campus. Parents are requested to attend according to the schedule mentioned in their invitation letters. And please bring Family SmartCard.   Looking forward to welcoming you!

Generation's Family Eve and Open House

What to Expect at the Open House It is important to understand what a school does and why. What is their definition of teaching and learning? How do they know they have accomplished a fairly good job at it? What aspects of the school are core strengths and where are they continuously improving? The Open House offers parents the opportunity to look inside a school culture. This school culture communicates the school’s beliefs, attitude, and philosophy of teaching and learning.…